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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Getting Ready for Framing Class - the last one!

Well I'm all ready to go now, albeit a little ambitious! Yesterday I cut mats and mounted the School Letter sample for work and my Black Belt certificate.

I made a bit of an oopsie on the certificate, actually a beginners mistake. I cut the double mat opening... or exposure (proper term) to the same size as the outer dimension of the certificate so when I put it all together it just fell straight though the hole! Since its a large and awkward size I decided to cut a triple mat that would take care of the problem. So I have two inner mats the same colour but I think it looks okay. The beauty of self framing is if I don't like it down the road I can pull it apart and change it!

This morning I cut all my lengths of molding so they will be ready to use the guillotine on for my 45 degree cuts.

So if I'm lucky I'll have two pictures to share with you tonight.

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