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Monday, March 22, 2004

Good Progress

Last week during March Break I got in quite a bit of time on my latest model : Bandon Lighthouse by The Silver Lining. Not as much as I had hoped but still pretty good. Its being stitched over one on Lavender Mist Joblean.

Bandon Light at 26 hrs

Now because the end of the month is rushing up to meet us I've got to get a couple of things done! I've got to finish up that darned Vermillion February Freebie before April 3rd, and finish it into a wall hanging as well! I'm heading out to my friend's and I just can't go there and not have it ready for her daughter! Also I need to get my skates on with the ornament stitching. Tonight I kitted up and got a start on Merry Christmas by Glory Bee from the JCS 2003 Ornament Issue.

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