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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Finally A SAL Progress Picture!

We're now going into our 5th week of the Celtic Band Sampler SAL. I've pretty much puttered with this piece all week. I didn't feel like stitching very much this past week, but when I did it was on this piece. I finished the next band this evening. I'm not sure if I'm going to stitch on this tomorrow night which is my regular SAL night for this piece or work on something else.

We'll see what mood I'm in.


Carol said...

Looks great Dani :-)

Katrina said...

oh wow Dani, its looking great - love the bottom band. I've decided to carry on with the bands downwards, so I guess that blackwork one will be one of the last ones I get too.

Love your irises too. Have you stitched any of the Silver Lining Irises?

Kerry said...

It is looking fantastic Dani. I'm loving watching everyone's progress. This design just keeps shouting louder and louder at me.

Lisa said...

You are so much faster than me. I'm still on the first band. Looks great! Are you going to do as she suggests and antique it when you're done? I don't think I will.

Shannon said...

It's looking gorgeous, Dani !

Karen said...

It's looking fabulous, Dani! You've all pretty much convinced me to get this one :)