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Monday, May 02, 2005

Noah's Sub Progress At 2 Weeks

Now first let me qualify this before you're amazed at my progress this is 2 weeks worth of work since I picked this project back up. I pretty much had the top left hand page finished (the sky) when I put Noah's Sub down a couple of years ago. Most of the stitching done on this has been over Friday-Sunday. I really kicked butt on it this weekend and I wish I was working on it again tonight, but alas I start my Celtic Band Sampler SAL tonight! Yay!

Happy Dance... on Saturday I did my taxes... I'm getting money back! Guess where its going?? Read the next paragraph and you'll see....

Okay folks, I have a new quote for you "Buying plane tickets is as predictable as the weather" (which means its not). On Thursday I finally persuaded Todd into flying down to Atlanta with me this summer for Claire's Wedding (instead of driving 17 hrs each way). Part of the sell was the tickets I found online at AA for 357/ea after taxes and fees. I waited until the weekend to give everyone (me, Todd, Claire) a chance to settle plans, etc. Well when I went to go buy the tickets last night... NONE LEFT!!! So we've ended up with tickets from another carrier at 570/ea our one consolation... its a direct flight. So word of advice world... if you see a good deal on plane tickets, buy them right away! Don't think about it, you can deal with the consequences later! P.S. my VISA is smoking!

I think my VISA will get to smolder a little more soon. The kits for Chatelaine's Mini Mystery J and Midi Mystery 1 are now up for sale on European Cross Stitch. I want to buy those now, last time I delayed in purchasing my kit they were on backorder for a month! But first I want to see if I can purchase my kits minus a couple of fibers I already have in my stash.

Yesterday afternoon Hunter was being super-cute! So I took some piccys of my little boy!

Now, I'm anxious to get off of the computer and see how far I can get on Celtic Band Sampler tonight!!!


Katrina said...

Hi Dani, your sub looks great! I did make a start on mine and have about 50 stitches so far to show for it!

Your kitty is gorgeous too!

will be starting my Celtic sampler in a few hours too - have to cook dinner first, shame about that :)

Carol said...

Hunter is GORGEOUS! What a sleek little guy! Of course, Noah's Sub is remarkable too :-) Enjoy Celtic Band Sampler - I am dying to stitch that one too!

Erin said...

Noah's Sub looks great - and your kitty is a cutie!! (does he like to "help" you stitch??? I know mine do....)

Glenda said...

What do you mean, the weather's not predictable? I've been right at least a couple of times this year. ;)

Anonymous said...

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