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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

SAL Progress : Week 5, May Recap : June Goals

Well to keep myself on schedule (since it go so out of wack last week) I worked on Celtic Band Sampler again last night, once I get the current band finished I'll be done page 1 of 3 (and a wee bit on a 4th). I had a small attack of the froggies. Always seems to happen when I'm working with green floss. There must be some connection. I know why I made the mistake too. The band I'm working on, on the chart the last row goes onto the second page, there's no overlap so I put one stitch in the wrong place because I didn't line up the two pages properly. Rip-it, Rip-it. Anyhow I got all of the 500 stitched in this band now onto another shade of green next time I pick this up.

May Recap :

Finish bottom left page of Noah's Sub - YES!
Stitch 2 bands on Celtic Band Sampler - Got 4 done started the 5th
Stitch 1 ornament - YES!
Stitch 1 Wee Beastie - Nope, never even looked at them.
Stitch 1 Freebie - YES!
Stitch during the DD SAL - YES!

June Goals :

Finish 1 page on Noah's Sub
Stitch 2 Bands on Celtic Band Sampler
Stitch 1 ornament
Stitch 1 Wee Beastie
Stitch 1 Freebie
Stitch during the DD SAL
Finish Mini Mystery i

I don't think I'll get to stitch much tonight, I have my first soccer game.


Unknown said...

Your progress on the Band Sampler is great, this is a very bright piece compared to what it looks like from it's photo.

Schokti said...

Great progress! I am really enjoying seeing it being done. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Your progress is awesome!! I wish I could accomplish so much in one month! It seems I never have the time to stitch that I used to get.