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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Nice Day, Ruined

Well yesterday was supposed to be a nice day out for myself and some friends. The morning started out with my lower back in rough shape. I was fine lying still, standing, or sitting... anything in between was agony. But I'm a trooper I still went nursery hopping. The day did start out nice. We visited our first two nurseries before stopping for lunch at a pub with the best burger on earth! While at lunch it started to rain but we were still determined. We visited two more places, one a nursery on a farm the second a Herb farm. Then it was onto yet another nursery, that's when the trouble really began.

My scalp began to itch. At first I thought nothing about it. Then suddenly I realized uh-oh I'm breaking out in hives (always starts in my scalp... gosh I'm getting itchy just thinking about it). Now I didn't say anything to my friends, but I could feel my hives starting to work their way down my body. Worst thing was I didn't want to carry my bag around with me yesterday so my anti-histamines were at home (a handy place to be). We went onto the next nursery where my hive got worse by this time they were coming up on my face, and I had to be taken home. I was literally covered in hives upon hives, and a couple of welts several inches diameter! I mean thousands of hives. My hands, legs, arms, even one on my eyelid! It was the worse breakout I ever had! It took awhile but the anti-histamines and a very hot bath seemed to help.

But boy does something like that leave you totally worn out!

Now I did buy some plants for my gardens yesterday. I bought two more tall bearded irises for my iris bed. One is a peachy pink the other is really cool its a white iris but the ruffled edges of the bloom are purple! Tres cool I'll be posting a piccy of that one for you when its in bloom! I bought a second clematis because my first one looks so lonely on the huge trellis Todd built me last year. I bought a cute little bush (a shrubbery! Yes a shrubbery!) I can't remember exactly what its called right now but the variety is called Mago Tango... bought it just for the name LOL! I bought a couple of different flowers for my bed as well.

Today I have my nephew over. Actually we picked him up last night, I had promised and I couldn't let him down, I've been trying to co-ordinate a weekend with him for sometime now. Todd has a nice day out fishing for us... if the weather ever starts to look up. Right now everyone is in bed but me, for some reason I just can't sleep in this morning. So I thought I'd blog a little, catch up on my BB's and transfer some more of my CD's to the computer so I can download music onto the MP3 player I bought earlier this week (a very cool toy that is!).

So hopefully today will be better!

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Katrina said...

hey Dani, sorry to hear that you had such a rough time yesterday - ouch!

enjoy your Monday off too. Its Monday morning here and boy, does it feel good being at home, lol.