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Monday, May 16, 2005

A Sad Day In The Stitching World...

I'm sure this will be the topic of a number of stitching blogs this week. Teresa Wentzler one of the premier fantasy designers has announced that she will be may I quote : "leave of absence" from cross stitch designing for the foreseeable future. For her full details please visit
this post over at the TWBB .

Its sad, because it was Teresa's
Peacock Tapestry that my eyes were really opened to what was possible in terms of stitching. Before seeing, and immediately buying a PT kit in Michael's I thought that most cross stitch was pretty simple and stitched on aida. Boy was I wrong! I was so glad to make this discovery. When I bought that kit I just fell in love with it, I opened it up I saw the fabric, the beads, and the metallic thread and my first thoughts were "oh no what have I done?" and promptly stored it in a cupboard for two years. All those different things instantly put fear into me. First I had to learn to stitch on evenweave? Attach a bead? Use sparklie threads, this was all so alien for me. So over two years I started to learn, and experiment, and explore the internet. It was getting on the internet, and exploring the TWBB that really opened my eyes to what was out there and that there was really no limit to what you could do with a needle and thread! I have since conquered the monster in my closet and stitched Peacock Tapestery, and more!

Teresa, thank you for sharing such talent with us, thank you for opening my eyes. And thank you for creating such a special place on the TWBB. Your new releases will be missed, but you've left us a large legacy in all that you have designed over the last 20 years!

Teresa is moving onto focusing her career on creating art, and this is a trend I'm seeing more and more from needlework designers. I know Jennifer of Dragon Dreams has been doing the same, at times focusing more on art and graphic design that cross stitch. I know that Terrance Nolan of Dimples Designs had to go back to the world of working a 9-5 job and designing only part time. I think designing needlework must be a luxury its not a job that brings fame or fortune, its something I get the impression that many designers do out of love.

So please support our designers, buy a legal chart and put a couple of bucks in their pockets!

Noah's Sub Week 4

Okay a little more upbeat now... I've finished all the cross stitch on the bottom page and started backstitching last night!

Tonight I work on Celtic Band Sampler my SAL with Katrina and Carol. Yes, Carol broke down and joined us in our SAL!!!

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