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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Signs Of Spring

This year spring has been slow to come to the Valley. Last night despite a protesting back I put my potatoes in the ground (Red Chieftans). Thanks for picking those up for me Dad! We'll be looking forward to those come August! Today I'm going Nursrey hopping with Chrisanne her Mom and Daugher. I don't think I'll be buying anything though (I had planned to) because my back is so bad now I might go into the clinic when the day is over. The only time I'm not hurting is either sitting still or standing still. I've done something to my lower back and nothing is helping! But I still can stitch.

So I thought I'd share something that has popped up in my garden!


MOM said...

Oh Dani! I love it when you wake up in the morning and the garden has given you a beautiful surprise.
Unfortunately I don't have any green space and therefore have my houseplants for all the beauty.

Carol said...

Lovely little iris Dani! I had one of my little dwarves finally open yesterday and I took the pic and forgot to post it! I plan to put it in today's blog entry :-) They are my favorites - seems you and I have yet another interest in common :-)

Carol said...

I am a putz! I am sorry - I totally forgot to add that I am so sorry to hear about your back. Sounds like misery!! Maybe digging in the garden is not such a great idea - let Todd do that for a while :-)

Unknown said...

That is so beautiful. I miss being able to plant flowers and vegetables. Going from house to apartment was kind of crappy. Hopefully soon we'll be able to get back to house!