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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Stitching Blogger's Question of The Week and Answering a Question from Comments

First I'll start with the SBQ...

Q : What do you like *least* about cross stitching?

A : Hmmm this is something I really have to think about. There's nothing I hate about cross stitching I have to say, there are things that bug me or irk me. Such as : never having enough stitching time. Running out of thread when you only have 3 stitches left. Frogging. Not being able to afford all the projects I'd like to do (those gorgeous Chatelaine kits in all silk!). Kits with cheap, crappy floss and fabric. That stitching shows (CATS, CSNF) are always in the fall when I can't take time off of work. I'm sure I've missed some things but this is what comes to mind.

Now, on May 30th Lisa asked me in my comments section if I'm planning on "antiquing" Celtic Band Sampler as the designer suggests in the instructions. Oh goodness no! I can't imagine dunking a project in tea, smearing coffee grains on it and so on. The idea is just terrifying! That's the reason I went with a hand dyed fabric, to give it that old feeling.

Last night I had my first soccer game. We lost 2-0 sigh. Honestly I shouldn't of played at all I've just made my back worse which was getting better after a week and a half. I also would of played better if I didn't have back trouble at the moment. Big sigh. I feel useless right now.

Well I should get all this online stuff done and over with so that I can get back to Noah's Sub!


Loretta @ Stitching the Night Away said...

ACK! I didn't realize they actually told you to do that. I don't think I could do it either after putting in all the hours to stitch it. You selected a good "antique" looking fabric for it - it looks really good!

Kerry said...

Which fabric are you using? I'm sure you've said, but I don't remember.

When I finally get to this, I certainly want to use an "antique-y" fabric.

It is looking so beautiful.