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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Framing Happy Dances

Why haven't I been stitching too much lately? Because I've been framing like a mad woman! So here are some of the framing jobs...

First, TW's Wedding Sampler as usual it looks best in person!

Next, five school letters. Four like this :

And one like this :
Darn it I'm not at home and I realized I forgot to upload the picture. I'll do that later so be sure to check back.

Finally, one watercolour paining :

I should have a stitching happy dance soon!


Carol said...

Very nice! And the wedding sampler is so elegant! Good job!

MOM said...

Dani..You might want to blur out the names on the wedding sampler. I know that in an earlier post you had blurred the last names. You may wish to do that again. Very lovely work as usual!

Shannon said...

Dani, you do very nice framing work. They all look great. That wedding sampler is amazing - the frame is just perfect !

Anonymous said...

How did you learn how to frame Dani? I have all the equipment and some mount board and mouldings but I don't know where to start.

You've made a really good job of those too!