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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

For Carol : Celtic Band Sampler SAL Update

I've got to get to work but here's a quick piccy after working on this Sunday and Monday. I'll be taking this with me on my trip to work on since it doesn't involve as much supplies as Noah's Sub. I'm also almost out of the colour used for the letters (844?) so you might want to pick up an extra skein ladies!

Oh yeah, I also noticed... there are letters missnig to what I've stitched so far can you find them. Those poor letters why have they been abndoned? Were they not loved by the designer???


Kathy said...

That is lovely, look forward to seeing the finished result.

Hugs xxxxxx

Carol said...

Looks great! I bought two skeins of each color when I was kitting this up, so I hope to be fine with the DMC not running out.... enjoy this one while you are away. Maybe when you get back I will finally have that blackwork band done LOL!!

Katrina said...

I'd discovered missing letters earlier on too! lol.

you may need an extra skein of the lighter browns too - I'm getting to the end of one of them but may have used some already on another project.

Have you figured out what you are going to stitch on the bottom rows yet? I started stitching the designer's name last night before I realised what I was doing!

great to hear your flight went well too. Have fun!

Sonja said...

I don't think U was used in 'the old days'. They used V instead. You can see it on old Universities. Their name is written with a V in the beginning. I've seen this in Europe at least.

Carol said...

I see others are answering this already, but I do recall from an Eileen Bennett seminar on samplers, that j an u are not often used in older samplers.... darn, wish I could remember why!! Maybe some internet research is in order.... :-)