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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Ornament HD

Ahhh finally finishing something. I feel like I've had a stitching drought lately! I've not had much time to stitch, an hour here and there and when I do stitch, I don't feel overly motivated. I honestly don't think I'll get a full page of Noah's Sub done this month.

Why am I so busy??? Well its the usual end of the school year crap. Work is just insane! I have a gazillion framing jobs to get done. I'm playing soccer one night a week, trying to go to TKD one night a week (not done either of these in two weeks as I've been dealing with some back problems). I'd like to get some gardening done, but between time and the back that can be a challenge. Also my best friend's wedding is coming up faster than I'd like it to! Arrrgh! Stop the world I want to get off!

Anyhow, this ornament is another one from my round robin so as usual I please ask you to follow this link to see it.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Very cute! That's my RR ornament for the month as well - I started it last night and I think it's going to be a quick stitch :)

Karen V