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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Celtic Band Sampler SAL Progress

Well I think we're into week 6 or 7 now of this SAL? Which I'm doing with Katrina and Carol. I have to say these ladies are great to stitch with (in spirit, not in person unfortunately!). I finished my band from last week and got a small start on the next one before it got too late last night!

Last night before settling down to stitch I worked on my 10 framing jobs for about two hours. I now have all mats cut. The first 5 I've used foam core to raise up the mat from the backing to make a shadow box effect, I have 5 more to do. The I have to attach the school letters that I'm framing. The first 5 are due on the 21st.

Tonight was soccer night... we lost 2-0 again. Sigh, we did win last week (when I couldn't play... Coincidence?). I played my best with my sore back, I just wish I could play to my full capacity I'm sure it would be at least 30% better than I'm currently playing. Oh boy was it hot, 30c out and I was soaked by the time the game was over.


Katrina said...

Hi Dani, looking great so far! I've just posted my latest pic too.
Wish it was 30C here at the moment, its only about 10C, which is not too bad considering its the middle of winter, lol.

Carol said...

Looks great Dani! I fear it will be some time before I get as far along as you are :-) I hope to have Fairy Flora done in time to work on this one this week :-)

Karen said...

Dani, it looks gorgeous! That backstitch band is amazing!


Kerry said...

The more I see this, the more I love it. I wait eagerly to see all your updates.

Belinda said...

I wasn't impressed with this pattern when I saw it on the designer site, but seeing your progress on it, I think it's going to find a spot on my wishlist when the boards are behaving again! You do beautiful work!