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Thursday, June 30, 2005

No Mondo Mudslides For Dani :-(

Sniffle... Last night we went to Applebees (yay!). We had excellent food and excellent service. But to my horror, as soon as I ordered the Mondo Mudslide I had been looking forward to for ages we were told the blender WAS BROKEN!!! NOOOOOOO!

Even telling our waiter that I came all the way from Canada to eat at Applebees didn't get that blender going.

We suggested going to Wally World to get a blender. That didn't work.

The manager let us know it'll be back next week. NEXT WEEK!!! Its summer time a blender is essential in a eatery. This means no frozen margaritas, etc! Most girlie drinks require a blender. C'mon go to Wal Mart and buy one!

Sniffle. We're going to go to one in Knoxville tonight for desert and Mondo Mudslides! I will have that Mudslide before I go back to Canada

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WhizGidget said...

That's just criminal Dani.... Mudslides are a *must*! Trust me, they're my drink of choice. Heeee