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Friday, June 17, 2005

A Pain Free Day!!!!

Since the long weekend in May (Victoria Day weekend or the May two-four weekend) I have been experiencing quite bad lower back pain. It has seriously restricted what I have been doing and what I can do. After seeing a chiropractor I found out I had a bulging (slipped) disc in my lower back. I wasn't able to sit comfortably, go to Taekwon-Do, getting out of the car was quite an ordeal.

But today, I had my first pain free day in almost a month! I almost forgot what it was like to be able to do something and not worry about how much it was going to hurt! I'm especially surprised after the horrible shape I was in on Wednesday night, I could barely move!

So this weekend I have 6 pieces to frame. Five of them I'm just down to putting the frames together and assembling everything. The last piece I have to go and choose molding and mats for it which I I will do tomorrow.

This week we finally got the last part of Mini Mystery i from Chatelaine. This part seems to be the largest out of all of them and will take me a good couple of days to stitch. I'm looking forward to a Happy Dance. I'm also looking forward to starting Mini Mystery J and Midi Mystery 1 both by the same designer.

Oooh yeah I got some goodies in the mail this week, which I had ordered from an ONS. One skein of Gloriana Silk, the second I ordered is on backorder (this seems to always happen with this ONS and I don't know why I keep giving them second chances), a package of Mill Hill Beads, and I picked up a little Sweetheart Tree kit, Sunflower on Gingham. Boy its oh so tempting to start it. But I'm resisting... for now!

Sunday is Dragon Dreams SAL day over at Needle and Thread (link on the sidebar). I still haven't decided what I'm going to stitch!

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Carol said...

Glad to hear you had a pain free day :-) Hmmm, could that be SB&B?? I have magnifica beads for Celtic Winter on backorder with them right now... but I have discovered that their backorders don't take long at all.... hope that helps! Anyhow, I do wish I were stitching a Chatelaine... I do have Convent's Herbal Garden started and had plans to finish it this year - now it is June, so not so very likely :-( Dying to see your happy dance on your mini mystery!