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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Answering Kerry's Question

In yesterday's blog where I answered Lisa's question I was asked another question this time by Kerry. Since you can't reply via e-mail to comments that blogger sends you to your e-mail account I figured this is the best forum to answer these questions.

Kerry wanted to know what fabric I'm stitching Celtic Band Sampler on. Initially I wanted to stitch it on Queen Ann's Lace from Wichelt's hand dyed Joblean line. However I didn't have a piece big enough on hand. So I went thru my stash. To my surprise African Daisy from the same Joblean (28ct) line from Wichelt turned out to be perfect! So Kerry, there's your answer : African Daisy 28ct Joblean from Wichelt.

This is the second project I've used one of the Jobleans from Wichelt's Hand Dyed line and I have to say they're fantastic fabrics with subtle mottling which is what I like form a hand dyed fabric, not these harsh splotchy fabrics that area available on the market. Now don't get me wrong these fabrics have their places, and the perfect designs for them too. Also it all comes down to personal taste.

Tonight Noah's Sub has just a little more sky, I've been stitching with 340 for two evenings now.


Carol said...

Hi Dani - I have used one of the Wichelt hand dyeds too - what was that project.... Judy's Garden by Dreams of Stitches, that was it! I loved it too! I will coordinate something for you for that pretty french chart :-) I probably will stitch it up rather quickly - it calls for like 10 shades of Silk 'n Colors!! Better find someone else doing it so we can split skeins - LOL!!

Kerry said...

Thanks Dani. I shall write that on a piece of paper and put it in the pattern so I know where the details are when I'm next looking at some stash buying.