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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Happy Dancing Again!

Last night I did treat myself to starting that Sweetheart Tree kit I got the other week! Well I've just finished it and its so cute! It was a nice stitch.

Here is Sunflower on Gingham c2004 Sweetheart Tree

Now for some real pretties, new flowers in bloom in my garden!

The clematis has started to bloom...

And so has my lilly

Now I'm going to do a bit more framing, its those school letters for Grads now... 6 of them then I'll get back to stitching and give Celtic Band Sampler a turn!


BeckySC said...

Hi Dani!
The gingham sunflower is adorable :) How will you finish it? BTW, you do excellent framing!!!

I love that lilly! My lillies like that bloomed out last week :)

Karen said...

Cute sunflower! The colours are lovely and bright :)

The garden flowers look great too - I love clematis and lilies.

Karen V (Stitch one, Knit Too)

Erin said...

Your flowers are beautiful...and you take such great pictures of them, too!