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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More PL

Well, Halloween is pretty much over, the curtains are drawn, the pumpkin is ready to be disposed of and the candy is sitting in my kitchen. Its never a busy night for us... we live in a rural area so we don't get a lot of kids. Actually, I had 8 which is about the same number of kids I had last year. My favourite had to be the little boy who rang my doorbell dressed as Dracula, his Mom was a witch and Dad was a scarecrow. How cute! Needless to say there's plenty of candy left!

This evening's stitching project was a second round with Paradigm Lost. I got a lot more of the border done and even started the letter "A" before it was time to pack up for the night. Tomorrow I'll pick out an ornament to stitch for my ornament exchange on the Needle and Thread BB.


Gina said...

Glad you had a good evening!

Deb said...

Great pumpkin! Stitching a border can be a pain...but takes a load off the shoulders when it's finished, doesn't it!!!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Well Dear Dani, I handed out 72 bags of snack size microwave popcorn, 4 bags of teddy graham treat size, 36 juice boxes (I was getting desperate) and 1/2 bag of dum dums...we keep on extreme desperateness......
We had van loads of kids coming into our neighborhood. At one point I had a line of 20 kids, because I heard one of the mothers counting....the line went from my front door to my mailbox...which isn't a short distance.
IT was a GOOD kids made a haul and I feel like we gave back to the community by all that we passed out.
PL is looking great...t-minus 45 minutes for me!!

Dawn T. said...

Your pumpkin is so cool!!

Lynn said...

Great pumpkin!! We had 110 kids at our place. I thought there were a lot of cool costumes this year. Several parents dressed as well.

Laural said...

Great progress on your PL!

Beatrice said...

We had exactly O trick or treaters.
I miss having them.
They have never come. I bye candy..If only they knew they would get it all!!
Your pumpkin is wonderful all lit up!!

Ruth said...

Cool pumpkin! Very spooky. Congrats on the PL progress. don't you just hate how long border lines seem to take? It's enough to drive a body nuts.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Dani,

Your pumpkin looks nice and spooky, albeit a bit gap toothed. I liked the picture with your black kitty. They made a nice couple.

We had about 50 kids here last night, but I probably bought enough candy bars for another 25. Oh well. I'd hate to run out and have to turn kids away.

I love the piece that you stitched for Heather's RR. I'm so used to seeing Dragons and more dragons in Dragon Dreams designs, so seeing this farm scene was a nice change.
It's a lovely addition to this RR .

Your stitching weekend with the "usual suspects" sounds like it was a lot of fun. How is it that all the Ontario cross stitchers appear to live around Ottawa?? Do people living around Toronto knit instead, or something???

Good luck with Paradigm Lost. It will be a lot of work, as if you're not use to that, but well worth it. And lots of fun too I imagine. I look forward to watching it grow. I love the colour you've chosen to stitch it with.


Jane said...

Great start on the PL. Borders can be a little tedious but soon it will be done. I like your pumpkin too. Very scary!
We had more than enough candy as well. What to do with all those leftovers....:)