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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

October Goals

Well we're now a couple of days into October and its time for me to review what I wanted to get done last month versus what I did get done. Also to lay it out to the world, what I want to get done this month!

September Goals
Finish Von's neighbourhood RR - Yes!
Stitch up gift - Yup, and it was enthusiastically received!
Stitch Sweetheart Tree RR - Done & dusted!
Finish ornament - I did three!
Work on The castle - Yup and finished a page too!

October Goals
Stitch on the next neighbourhood RR that comes in
Work on The Castle
Work on Tour Des Marques
Stitch Fair & Square Round 2
Stitch Gift
Stitch An Ornament

I haven't stitched much since Monday night. Last night, I was just pooped, and had a headache in the works so I never picked up a needle. Tonight was a busy one I didn't get home until after 7pm. I sat about for a bit but finally picked up The Castle for a little b.s. luvin', and I'm glad I did I got quite into it tonight. I might be able to finish up that b.s. tomorrow, or Friday at the latest! I'd like to get in as much time as possible on The Castle, as I possibly have a model coming in very soon (waiting for verification) and if this happens the deadline will be super tight (November 15th).

Photo : busy little bees, Cornwall, Ontario, 2007


Mindi said...

Wow, you made every single one of your September goals, good job! Good luck on the October goals.

Stephanie said...

Woo hoo! You did great - well done!

Ranae said...

Nice job on the Sept. goals and Best of Luck on the October goals.

Karen said...

Wow! Excellent job at meeting your goals. :)

Dawn said...

Great job on your goals!